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  1. On 28th June, 2023, Dr. Mary Clare Kidenda (Chairperson of the Board, PCKTTI) with Dr. Gladys Bunyasi (Chairperson of the Finance Committee, PCKTTI) received a fluke power analyzer donated by Fluke Corporation on behalf of PCKTTI, Centre of excellence in Renewable energy and Energy efficiency.

  2. PCKTTI gives a special Thank You to
    (i)Francesco Pagin from Fluke Corporation

    (ii)Sukhvinder S. Sagoo from Hydromatics

    (iii)Anthony Kitaka from Hydromatics

    (iv)Christophe Novet expert from Schneider

French cen

An agreement between the Department of State for Vocational and Technical Training of the Republic of Kenya and the Ministère de l'Education nationale et de la jeunesse of France has been signed for the creation of a training programme in the energy field.

The system of International Centres of excellence for technical training is based on a tripartite partnership between France, French companies that are established internationally or wish to do so and the foreign countries that host them.

The French-Kenyan Centre of Excellence project was launched in PC Kinyanjui TTI with the French company Schneider Electric as an industrial partner, which will provide logistical support as well as educational equipment.


  1. i. In November 2021, the French Ministry of Education has sent an expert who will initially train teachers on renewable energy and energy efficiency. The trained teachers will in turn become trainers.

  2. ii. End 2022, a new laboratory will be set up with brand new teaching equipment with the support of Schneider electric.

  3. iii. Then, partnerships with French schools are envisaged and exchanges for trainers and trainees.

  4. iv. Finally, the construction of a new competency-based curriculum will allow for a new training in renewable energy and energy efficiency for the students.

March, 2022 :

  • Repairing the walls, floors and painting of the laboratory that will house the CoE.
  • The construction of about fifteen flexible tables is underway to allow students to work together. A new teaching approach will thus be possible with more practical activities and project teamwork.
  • The French expert in charge of the CoE carried out a simulation of the layout of the future laboratory. He has also simulated the lighting of the laboratory.

  • May, 2022 :

  • Schneider Electric conducted a quality audit of PCKTTI's electrical network.
  • Partnerships are also being established to ensure the future development of the centre. These partnerships with the French Campus des Métiers et des Qualifications (CMQ) will allow an increase in the skills of PCKTTI trainers as well as for trainees.
  • Exchanges of trainers and trainees are being studied. For the latter, a three-week stay could be envisaged to discover French vocational high schools, industries and to learn French language notions.

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