The Boards of Governors (BOG)

The boards of governors (BOG) are legally mandated by the ministry of education under the Education Act Cap 211 to manage the institute.

The Board of Governors (BoG) has an important strategic role to play in the management of the institute. This is to help the principal and staff to provide the best possible education for all students.

The BoG's aim is to raise expectations of what can be achieved by all students and strengthen the involvement of parents and the community at large. Some of their main roles include:

  • Setting the school's vision and aims,
  • Establishing and maintaining the school's ethos,
  • Setting the school's plans and policies,
  • Monitoring and evaluating school performance, and
  • Promoting self-evaluation to sustain the school's improvement.

DR. Mary Claire.
BoG Chairperson

It is my believe that young Kenyans who have not attained university entry can build their future by enrolling for technical training courses. They can start at any level, including artisan. This would form the foundation for their rise to whatever lever they may aspire to academically. The certificate and diploma courses offered in the technical institutions give the country the technical manpower needed to achieve the development goals set in the Vision 2030.

Thank You all and Welcome to PC Kinyanjui Technical Training Institute.
God Bless PC KTTI.

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