Office OF Career Services

Jeniffer Kimuyu
Office of Career Services

PC Kinyanjui technical training institute, office of career services (OCS) was established in 2019 following a ministerial order for all universities, Polytechnics and Technical Institutions to guide students on aspects of careers, career pathways and increase in employability. The office is mandated to mainstream programmes and provides services in student career development.

This is achieved through career guidance and counseling programmes, academic mentoring, systematic graduate tracker services, provision of career reference resources, increased training and industry exposure through attachments, internships and increasing employability capacities of students.

The OCS offers services to assist students in planning for immediate employment or continual studies in local or international institutions. In increasing employability, the OCS shall conduct trainings in writing CVs, passing interviews, job etiquettes, professional ethics.Therefore the OCS shall be a vital link where multidisciplinary students have a platform to share and learn on how to make a smooth transition from being mere students to being employees under different rules and regulations. The OCS provides such services so as to enable pcktti students to have a competitive edge in the job market.


  1. i. To enhance career and career pathways literacy amongst the pc kinyanjui technical training institute (pcktti) student community.
  2. ii. To increase student interaction with career experts and participation in career networks.
  3. iii. To increase employability skills in various institute academic disciplines. jobseeking skills and awareness in competitive, rewarding and upcoming local and international labour markets
  4. iv. To coordinate evaluative departmental programmes for individual studentacademic and career mentors within the life time of a student.


  1. i. Sustain a career focused on high quality and innovative teaching and learning environment grounded in intellectual discovery and community service.
  2. ii.Enhance career relevancy to existing programs.
  3. iii.Expand collaborative partnerships with businesses and industries, government and nonprofit agencies, educational institutions and other organizations for student career development
  4. iv.Integrate the OCS in the institute student life, staff and management activities to enhance the polytechnic’s image and impact beyond graduation.
  5. v.To identify career pathways that enhance entrepreneurship, technology and innovation through establishment of innovation hubs and industry clusters.

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