Mr. Ken Njoroge
Deputy Principal

The Deputy Principals office is charged with both academic and operational activities of the institute. PC KTTI is currently ISO 9001: 2008 certified and therefore her operations in the major areas compare very closely with others both locally and internationally.

In the last four years, the institute has re-invented herself in all spheres of its mandate. Tangible growth has been realized in infrastructure, examination results and consequently the rise in students population. The examinations results currently stand at a pass rate of 75%.

This has been possible due to the hard work of the teaching staff, hardworking and disciplined students, conducive working environment, laboratories and a library. It is expected that this performance will continue to improve.

The institute infrastructure consists of spacious, clean and well lit classrooms, well furnished staffrooms and equipped laboratories, library and workshops. The institute has just completed constructing a very modern building which will house an incubator for the graduates before they are transmitted to the outside world of work. Currently, a new electrical and electronics laboratory is being constructed under the Economic Stimulus Programme.

P.C. Kinyanjui T.T.I. will continue to shine among other similar institutions in accordance with its vision and motto: